When You Should Choose 24-Hour Nursing Home Care Over Live-In Care

If you have a loved one that needs constant supervision, whether for mental or physical problems, taking on the job yourself is not only difficult but often impossible. You have the options of having a nurse living in your home to provide the care, or of putting your loved one in a nursing home. While you may not be comfortable with sending him or her to a home, there are definite benefits to this. Consider the following before making your decision.

Around the Clock Care

Even though a live-in nurse is there most of the time, he or she will need to have some time each day to take care of personal things, or just to be alone. You could hire another nurse to come in for these few hours each day, or take on the tasks yourself; however, it may not be financially possible. In addition, someone living in the home will also need time to sleep. During this time, your loved one will not be monitored. In a 24-hour care nursing home, there will always be someone there and awake watching over him or her.

Small Problems Readily Noticed

A live-in nurse sees the patient constantly. Sometimes, a small problem, such as a behavior change or medical problem that is slowly getting worse, may be overlooked because it happened so gradually. Since the nurses in a home change shifts and days off all the time, your loved one will have many sets of eyes watching them. This way, even a small issue will be noticed and can be treated or fixed before it turns into something major.

Maintain Your Privacy

Having a stranger or two live in your home with you is not always easy. You and the rest of the family may feel that your privacy has been invaded. You will also need to have a place for the nurse to have his or her own privacy. Meals, family gatherings, and entertaining may need to change a bit, at least until you get to know the nurses better.

Having a loved one move to a 24-hour care nursing home does not have to mean you lose contact with him or her. You also do not have to lose control over his or her treatment. You will be able to visit as much as you like, and even take the patient out of the facility to go home for a day or longer. The important thing is to visit the facility and ask as many questions as you can to make sure it is what you and your loved one will be most comfortable with. Talk with the family and the patient to find out how much time everyone can contribute for visits. The idea is to keep everyone content and comfortable while keeping the patient safe and cared for.

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